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A platform that will make you visible to the right people, first time round!

6 min readMay 27, 2020

Say HELLO to the future! The most intuitive and intelligent platform which matches top talent with the best opportunities within the Built Environment

A platform which will get you HIRED!

WorkPanda is an online marketplace for those interested in careers within the Built Environment (Construction, Property, Real Estate, Engineering, Architecture etc).

We empower Employers through having access to visual pipelines where they can easily search, shortlist, interview and hire top talent within …seconds.

For Candidates, we make them visible to thousands of hiring managers searching for graduates and experienced professionals.

How WorkPanda can help you?

For Candidates, we provide a step by step solution to get you hired. From start to finish we have you in mind, continously ensuring that you become more visible to hiring managers all around the world. We showcase the best of YOU through your profile, video resume and printable visual CV. Whether you’re looking for a job in London, New York, Sydney or Dubai we have you completely covered! Spending hours on LinkedIn, completing laborious job apps and sitting these awful online tests is of the past… we’ve just solved your BIGGEST problem.

For Employers, access to world leading talent is the hardest aspect of hiring. We want to bring the best of the world to you without unnecessary paperwork, admin and ridiculous fees. We know you’re busy, so we have created a platform that does all the hard work for you, so you can concentrate on more important things. Our user friendly, accessible and industry specific platform provides visual hiring pipelines tailored to you. So, whether you’re hiring one person, or an entire team we can help.

The best candidates at your fingertips.

What if we took the pain away of hiring… so you don’t have to parse hundreds of online applications, vet LinkedIn profiles and sift through thousands of hard copy resume. We pre-screen each and every candidate, so you know that you have access to the best candidates within the market place. Your reputation is built upon your people and we are committed to going the extra mile whilst providing you with the best. Our internal team has over 7 years experience working within the industry as surveyors, engineers and designers so we know what good ….sorry ‘exceptional’ looks like.

Finding the best match.

Demand massively outstrips supply in the market for good candidates particularly if you’re looking for a specialist… maybe someone who studied in the UK with airport experience for a position in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia or an hydraulic engineer who has a MSc and is available in Perth, Australia. This is why we have created a marketplace that provides the greatest amount of value.

WorkPanda uses an element of automation, which assists in the job matching process. We think this is a game changer and the future of hiring. We want you to be on the front foot each and every time with one step ahead of the game.

Finding the perfect role

With improved technology and global mobility, some people will look above and beyond their home country to pursue their passion. So, whether you’re looking for a position in the same city or on the other side of the world, we provide the platform to make it happen. As a global company, we want to break down any type of socio-economic barriers and help promote cross-border hiring. We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people achieve this in the past and in doing so get them to where they want to be in their career and life.

We want all candidates to be on a level playing field and our platform does that with easy drop-down menus where you just need to select an option. The Built Environment is all about people, so having access to a short video resume is a great way to showcase your best beyond words and pictures on your profile.

“You are more than an ‘employee’ you are a brand… make sure you can get this across in your profile”.

Interviewing made easy.

Another great feature of WorkPanda is our state of the art ‘integrated’ video conferencing tool which allows your hiring managers to interview candidates across the world. We have tested hundreds of video conferencing platforms and we think we’ve found the one… a tool which allows a group of people to log in without losing signal and video quality. So, whether you’re in Cape Town, your hiring manager is in Abu Dhabi and your candidate in New York, we’ve made it work seamlessly. This really excites us!

An online library tailored to you

And there is more… we go a step further by providing a dedicated careers centre which provides you with range of FREE and paid services which will help candidates make informed decisions about their future. So, whether this is ‘advice’ focused guidance for job-seeking or continuous professional development (CPD) we’ve got you covered. Again, we are best equipped in providing peer to peer advice as we are qualified ourselves (MRICS, MCIOB and MAPM). This is what gives us a massive competitive advantage over other recruitment firms.

Out with the old, in with the new

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with traditional recruitment methods… we feel a platform like WorkPanda provides efficiency as everything is just on one platform. You are better equipped to meet the demands of your clients/market and we only charge a fraction of what traditional recruitment firms may charge… oh and there’s more there are NO contracts, long term commitments or hidden costs. It is totally flexible!

How it works

Instead of charging clients a percentage of a candidate’s gross salary (anywhere between 7.5% — 25%), we provide a flexible solution tailored to your hiring needs. This is charged on monthly or annual basis depending on your needs. We are industry specific and guarantee to beat the fees charged by most traditional global recruitment firms. See more here:

In summary, we want to be the job-matching partner of choice, for anyone in the world searching for opportunities within the built environment. We want to inspire our candidates, motivate seasoned professionals and create an integrated marketplace for the profession. We are extremely excited about the future and we hope you’ll be part of our journey.

“We want to build high performing teams so don’t look any further”.

Shyam Visavadia, is an ambitious tech-entrepreneur who has dedicated the past 7 years to promoting opportunities within the built environment. He has been fortunate enough to work across the industry, for some of the most reputable construction consultancy firms and public developers across the UK, Europe and Middle East. His enthusiasm and determination derive from his personal adversities trying to secure work after the great recession in 2011. Since then, he has since built a global network, inspired thousands of people and created an influential social brand to help the next generation.

We’re always keen to speak to partners who share the same values as WorkPanda If that sounds like you, please get in touch —




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